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Yes I Am A Pirate, Two Hundred Years Too Late by Marxis Yes I Am A Pirate, Two Hundred Years Too Late :iconmarxis:Marxis 290 12 Monsters In The Cosmos by Marxis Monsters In The Cosmos :iconmarxis:Marxis 145 17 MLPFIM: Pony vs. Dalek 3 -- AppleJack by the-gneech MLPFIM: Pony vs. Dalek 3 -- AppleJack :iconthe-gneech:the-gneech 711 261 Rake by otakuap Rake :iconotakuap:otakuap 716 126
Creative Commons on DeviantArt - Explained
I'd like to give everyone a little bit of information about the Creative Commons options on DeviantArt. Seeing as we are a Creative Commons group, it's very important for everyone here to understand how these licenses work.
Most people just click the little radio button that says "use a creative commons license" and have done with it, but DeviantArt allows as little sharing as possible and is the very opposite of the intent of Creative Commons. If you leave the default settings on then your work will be very limited and not available in the free culture community. Since here, picking the right license is important, we encourage you to think about what you want to allow and change some of the default options.
The general gist of how the deviantArt creative commons buttons work in relation to your art is this:
- "Use a creative commons license" allows people to copy your work and share it, perhaps online or with their friends offline. With only this option submitted, your work may
:iconcreative-commons:Creative-Commons 98 84
Pony Fans and Pony Friends

                                                                picture unrelated
I have NOTHING but good things to say about the folks I’ve had the pleasure of talking to, hanging out with and calling my friends in the My Little Pony fan community.  When it comes down to it, everyone is here because of one reason- they like the tiny horse cartoon.  Bottom line. I’ve never run into a single instance of the legion creepy, pervy, fedora-wearing, neckbeard misogynist bullies that are claimed to populate every pony-friendly website and convention. 
Quite the contrary, I’ve had a wonderful time every step of the way and I appreciate EVERYONE I’ve joined along the ride- bronies and nor/mlp/eople, artists and musicians , VAs and staff, men, women, kids a
:iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 79 113
Doctor Who The ULTIMATE SUPPER! by raisegrate Doctor Who The ULTIMATE SUPPER! :iconraisegrate:raisegrate 223 50 Doctor Who THE ALTERNATE SUPPER by raisegrate Doctor Who THE ALTERNATE SUPPER :iconraisegrate:raisegrate 45 33 Vader has a Pinkie Pie by RedApropos Vader has a Pinkie Pie :iconredapropos:RedApropos 91 38 Hearth's Warming 2013 by grievousfan Hearth's Warming 2013 :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 929 98 MLP: The Ballad of the Wind by J8d MLP: The Ballad of the Wind :iconj8d:J8d 646 39 Nightmare Nights Request- Cat by PixelKitties Nightmare Nights Request- Cat :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 411 17
About Alicorn Twilight (and Recent comments)
Well, here's the scoop-
Get used to it, because she's here to stay. And not just in the show.
We're introducing the updated version of season three's Twilight Sparkle into the comics as well.
We're asked about 5th person at our tables: "what do you think?" "Why did they do that?" "Are you gonna.." etc.
Since we work hand in hand with Hasbro, we never had any intention of NOT updating Twilight for the books as well.
And quite frankly... we are all about it! 
Neither Katie Cook nor myself understand the hatred going on for having Twilight become a princess. Katie has made an outstanding point- Twilight may be the only popular character to have EARNED her crown... she worked for it, suffered for it, and it was awarded. She didn't marry into it, wasn't born into it (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, etc etc). That gives little girls a character that WORKED FOR WHAT SHE EARNED. One helluva example I think. And for Katie, with a little girl and another on the way... that's a great t
:iconandypriceart:andypriceart 209 772
In the middle of my SONG? by grievousfan In the middle of my SONG? :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 1,948 415 How the Cracker Crumbles by Gray--Day How the Cracker Crumbles :icongray--day:Gray--Day 1,299 321 Ponies of the World Pittsburgh by PixelKitties Ponies of the World Pittsburgh :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 105 62




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